The Tour

“What if nearly everything we think we know about aging is wrong? Our culture tells us that aging will change us against our will, and for the worse. What if we decided to change aging and begin to approach life’s most dangerous game with the skill and enthusiasm it requires?” -Dr. Bill Thomas

Dr. Bill Thomas, one of the most innovative and creative thinkers working in medicine today, brings a radical new approach to growth and aging through his “non-fiction” theatrical events. Inspired by AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins‘ recent call-to-arms for a sustained effort to “disrupt” aging, Dr. Bill Thomas is heading back on the road to engage with communities who are building new and vastly more rewarding visions of aging.

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The Event

Each Tour stop will feature a live performance by Dr. Thomas called “Life’s Most Dangerous Game.” The mixed-media performance begins with a light-hearted look at just how “crazy” our culture’s perspective on normal human aging can be and then asks: “What if?” What if we all lived in a world that saw aging not as a process of decline but rather as the entree to life’s most dangerous game?

“Aging can be reimagined as a vivid and enlivening process that presents us with extraordinary risks, and rewards. So, how are we supposed to play this most dangerous of all games? What do winning and losing look like?” -Dr. Bill Thomas

Dr. Thomas will take audiences on an incredible journey into a new and highly disruptive understanding of age and aging that has the power to inspire positive change for members of the audience and the communities in which they live.

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