Second Wind: Navigating the Passage to a Slower, Deeper, and More Connected Life

“In Second Wind, Bill Thomas goes deep inside our culture. Like the best kind of doctor, he evaluates the toll our hurried, quantified, and driven lives have taken on us before he suggests a new way forward. He’ll challenge the way you think about your future. And you’ll want to make the journey with him.” – JANE PAULEY, AUTHOR OF YOUR LIFE CALLING

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In this groundbreaking book, one of the most innovative thinkers in medicine explains how to recognize and navigate the most challenging and fulfilling developmental stage of life.

When the postwar generation came of age in the 1960s and 1970s, they jumpstarted a cultural revolution that shaped today’s society. Now, many feel they are living a life of frenzied disharmony, driven by the need to perform, to hurry, and to acquire. This out-of-balance feeling is a signal that the postwar generation is facing a second coming of age, a life beyond adulthood. How it handles that transition will be its final legacy.

In Second Wind, Dr. Bill Thomas, named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top ten Americans shaping aging, treats the Baby Boom generation as he would one of his patients, sympathetically exploring its history before recommending a path toward healing and a life rich with developmental opportunity.

Dr. Thomas says that life can and should be reimagined. New ways of living and working are waiting to be discovered on the far side of adulthood. Predicting that Boomers will choose the path of the Denialist, the Realist, or the Enthusiast, he discusses the behaviors and mindsets that will provide new and more nourishing fuel for the rest of life’s journey: hope and a renewed sense of all that is possible.

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Tribes of Eden

The Tribes of Eden paperback is here!

Have you ever wonder what would happen if the economy actually did collapse? If the grocery shelves went bare for good and the pumps dried up, how long before society unraveled?

In his gripping debut novel Tribes of Eden, William H. Thomas envisions a world ravished not by zombie pandemics or nuclear holocaust but by the total collapse of an unsustainable culture.

A crossover novel targeting teens-to-elders, Tribes of Eden uses a post-apocalyptic scenario to show how trust, community, and wisdom can overcome even the most tyrannical power and repair a broken world.

On the run after America’s sudden and utter collapse, Tribes of Eden follows a mother and her two children as they find refuge in a singular, self-sufficient community. But when the lure of a totalitarian virtual new world order divides the family, the elders of the community recognize that humanity’s fate rests with a chosen girl and a unlikely alliance between the least powerful – the young and old.

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What Are Old People For? How Elders Will Save the World
What Are Old People For

As boomers tiptoe into their 50s and 60s, Dr. William H. Thomas, world famous in the field of long-term care, is offering a clear-eyed view of aging and radical ideas about why baby boomers should embrace it. “The old way of seeing old age, as a time of relentless decline, ignores the value of the last half of life.” He adds, “Old age may be difficult but there is plenty of good in it as well.”

In his provocative new book entitled What Are Old People For?, the Harvard-trained physician explains why we age and shows that our mastery of aging is one of the most human things about us. He explores how the obsession with youth harms young and old alike and argues that aging boomers will change our society — one more time. “Creating a new old age will be the baby boomers’ last act on the public stage,” says Thomas.

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